How to Reduce the Cost of Sediment Control

19 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Some inexperienced homeowners often spend a lot of resources trying to control the sediment that is generated at their DIY construction sites. Some of those costs would have been avoided if ample effort was directed towards the prevention of sedimentation or erosion. This article discusses some cost-effective ways that you can use to reduce the amount of sediment that is generated at your construction site.

Select the Season Carefully 

The different seasons of the year present different opportunities for erosion and sedimentation. For example, the rainy season increases the rate at which erosion occurs due to the high volume of runoff that can wash away disturbed soil. A simple way to avoid having to deal with all that sedimentation involves avoiding disturbing the soil at your site during the rainy season. Start your project when less rain is expected to fall.

Complete Soil Disturbance Quickly

Sediment formation can also be minimised by taking a short time to complete earthworks, such as excavation, that disturb the soil. More sediment is likely to form if you take very long to complete the grading or excavation work. It is therefore advisable to set aside ample time so that you can finish the earthworks quickly. This will reduce the chance of erosion and sedimentation.

Compact the Soil

It may not be enough to complete the earthworks quickly if you don't have supplementary ways to keep erosion and sedimentation at bay. One easy way to curb those problems is by compacting any disturbed soil. Compacting that soil reduces the chance that it will be eroded by various forces, such as rain and truck tyres.

Divert Runoff

Some of the factors that accelerate erosion may not originate from your site. For instance, stormwater from nearby properties may flow through your site and wash away the disturbed soil. The easiest way to avoid having to deal with the sediment that is created by such erosion is by diverting the water before it reaches your site. Channels and drains can be installed so that the water is redirected away from the disturbed soil at your construction site. This will reduce the erosion potential of the runoff originating from the site itself.

As you can see, the best way to reduce the cost of dealing with sedimentation is by devoting ample resources towards preventing erosion at your site. Use the suggestions above to reduce erosion on your property. Consult experts for more help so that your project meets all the erosion and sediment control regulations in your area.