How to Lower Costs When Hiring Skip Bins (Save Your Money for the Pizza!)

13 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Did you know that you can make big savings on your waste disposal habits? Well, this is something many people barely pay attention to when they want to hire skips bins from service providers. They end up paying way more than they would have actually done with proper planning and certain considerations. If you hire a small skip bin, you will have to pay for an additional one to meet all your garbage collection needs. Hiring an excessively huge one amounts to paying for extra space that you don't even need. On that note, here are some clever ways of saving your money when hiring skips bins.

Balance the Load in the Skip Bin

The first technique of reducing the money paid for a skip bin is to balance the load you put in it. Improper distribution of weight in the skip elevates the risk of accidents when loading it onto the truck and during transit. Therefore, this forces the service provider to unload the skip and rearrange it all over again. All the labour costs in such cases accrue to you. To avoid this, always put the heavy stuff at the bottom while the lighter items occupy the upper sections in the bin. Arranging stuff in this manner also reduces the risk of the bin toppling over during transit.

House Clearance Firms

If the waste you are disposing includes things fittings, ornaments, fixtures and fireplace installations, you can cut down on the amount of waste by involving house clearance firm. They can handle the job to carefully remove what can be salvaged such as old timber and plastic fittings for recycling. In the end, you will be left with what cannot be reused, and you will need a smaller skip bin. Smaller is cheaper!

Prohibited Items

You should take note of any items that the service provider prohibits. If you place such items in the bin, he or she has a right to charge you accordingly, leading to more costs. Skip bins are tough and rugged, but that doesn't mean that they handle anything. Mixing pressurised containers, acids, fibre cement and flammable liquids with other forms of dirt certainly elevates the safety hazards involved when handling skip bins. Make a checklist of any prohibited items to avoid unnecessary fines.

Overloading Equals Overpaying

Make sure that your waste does not surpass the brim of the skip bin. There might be a temptation to, but it's not worth the risk. Surpassing the brim can easily lead to overloading, forcing the collectors to unload some garbage. All this requires additional payment.